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What the readers say about Solitaire


Not only was the book sensitive and eye-opening, it was also a stunningly wide-reaching survey of women from all parts of Canada and all walks of life. This is truly a wonderful book. – RA

Your book is exhilerating, vibrant, soooooo true, funny, respectful.I've always thought I was weird and awkward for being single and wanting to remain so and now I'm happy that I'm not alone. What was really fun for me is that I can relate to all the women you wrote about, a lot or in a small way but I can relate – ER

I enjoyed the book and felt affirmed by it.There is so much about us women that has not yet been written,and this book starts one little piece – EL

And men...

This material is priceless for any man who wants to try to understand a female perspective – L.G.

I found Solitaire fascinating ... very good ethnography. You not only were able to put [both] remarkable and everyday women into context, but even more importantly you were able to let them speak in their own voices....I felt enlightened in the same tradition as when I used to read Dos Passos or Studs Terkel – E.Z.

Your book helped explain many things ... why so many women.have been so happy or satisfied in their solitude, why they make such good friends – D.F.

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