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What the critics say about Solitaire

Heartbreakingly intimate... a glimpse into the complex lives of single women in a culture that still pretty much renders them invisible.
Vancouver Sun

Solitaire ... some of the most frank, fascinating and amusing writing for women and by women to hit the mainstream press in a long while.

Botsford Fraser's journalistic skills are displayed throughout the book. The writing is brisk and clear, and only a non-judgmental yet sympathetic interviewer could have elicited such candour and detail from her subjects. And while she always allows the other women's voices to shine through, Botsford Fraser skilfully weaves in her own excellent analysis of the raw material, arguing that many of today's laws, especially around taxes, pension benefits, and contractual obligation, are anachronistic.
Quill & Quire, November 2001

... Real women who poured out their hearts ...
Solitaire is an engaging book on the timeliest of topics. Single women have been underestimated, neglected, misunderstood and belittled, yet they are a growing and ever more economically significant force in our society. Fraser's journey through their world is a step toward giving them the recognition and validation they must have.
The Globe and Mail, October 2001

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